Jason Kreis on Joining Twitter


kreis_0I decided to take the opportunity at RSL media day on Saturday to ask Jason Kreis about his recent edition to the twitter world. The RSL coach opened the @JasonKreis twitter account in December. He currently boasts nearly 3,000 followers, and has put out 62 tweets. Like many of us, he’s used twitter to reach out to colleagues in the sport, and to comment on topics that he’s interested in.

When asked about deciding to take that step into a social media avenue, this was his response. “Honestly I’ve been looking at it for probably a year and a half,” said Kreis.

“The first time somebody mentioned it to me was at the Concacaf Champions League final. I just had thought about it, and thought about it. It’s just one of those things where when you’re on the outside looking in your like, “I don’t know if I want to become inundated with this.” But I think now that I’m doing it and looking at it right before I started doing it was just like well wait a second, this is my choice. I can communicate what I want to communicate. I can communicate when I want to communicate. I can read what I want to read.”

However, it took some pending roster moves to convince him to finally take the plunge.

“In the end, what I think it really came down to was I knew that the looming trades of the three players was coming and I wanted an outlet where I could express my feelings without someone posing the question to me, and taking the pieces that they wanted to out of the answer. But I do think that’s an interesting outlet to have, to say exactly what I want to say and frame it the way that I want to frame it, and everyone can hear a measured and full statement about things like that.”

Kreis admits that he does like having the outlet to reach out to fans of the club.

“I like it,” he explained. “I like that I can pick and choose the things that I want to answer. I’m not going to answer dumb questions. If you’re on there saying something insulting or posing a question that I deem could be in jeopardy to what we do here, then I just won’t answer it. But if it’s something that I think is interesting or something that could be beneficial for me people to hear about, then I’ll try to answer those.”

Welcome to Twitter, @JasonKreis!